About The Muffin Man

Thaddeus Pinckney, from Schenectady, NY, is known as The Muffin Man.  He loves helping nonprofits and charities through his weekly television show and muffin donations.  He donates a muffin to charity for each muffin that gets purchased. 

What began as an idea to originally make an all-natural blueberry beverage in NJ, led to the formation of muffins.  He quickly discovered that only 20% of blueberries can be used for making juice, and instead began putting the blueberries into homemade muffins.  After graduating from Rutgers University and moving to Upstate NY to attend the University at Albany, he formed the largest muffin company on the East Coast that made over 32,000 muffins per month.  Suddenly though, after people started requesting muffins to be donated for funerals and special occasions, Thad changed from trying to make large profits to trying to make others simply smile through muffin donations.

Currently, Thad (The Muffin Man), enjoys giving to charities by showcasing their good efforts on his weekly television show and by donating muffins and food to others whenever possible.   If you know of any friends, neighbors, or communities that need help with getting more coverage or a simple smile, then contact him at any time.

Thad, The Muffin Man
917 Gerling Street
Schenectady, NY 12308
(518) 669-7966/ Thaddeusp1@yahoo.com

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