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About Us

About Us

About Us

DruryLane.Store (otherwise known as The Muffin Man Gives) is a non-profit company based in Schenectady, New York. Founded originally as Luvins Muffins in 2001 by Thaddeus Pinckney, an entrepreneur from Plainfield, NJ, the nonprofit and other bakers throughout the Northeast make muffins – as well as other delicious cupcakes, cookies, cakes and pastries to be shipped around the world.

For every muffin (or item) sold, a muffin is donated to those in need.  What began as an idea to makeover 32,000 muffins a month, evolved into a more powerful model that helps address the needs of others.  People started requesting muffins to be donated to loved ones at funerals, and it was quickly discovered that giving was far more rewarding than receiving.

Current day activities include helping local charities to grow through a weekly television show named “Do You Know The Muffin Man?”, airing throughout the state of New York and Canada on broadcast tv.  Every Monday, known as Muffin Mondays, large 2 story inflatable puppets can be seen floating through the streets to give muffins and pastries to the homeless.

Not only does each purchase help make others happy with delectable baked goods, but it also helps your friends, neighbors, and communities around the world that need help the most.


ABOUT US has a little bit of a different story. This isn't just about a business that does well a steady profit, but one that sets out turn the hearts of many through love.  Because we donate a muffin with every purchased item, our muffins are best you’ll ever taste.

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