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Vanilla Cupcakes with Red Sugar Flowers

Only $32.99

Satisfy Mom’s sweet tooth with a dozen of these delicious cupcakes.
These light, vanilla cupcakes with melt in the mouth butter icing,
are sure to make Mother’s Day Special.

Order today while supplies last.

They’re selling like hot cakes……no pun intended!

Kim M. Tampa, FL

I had to takes some pictures of your gift. I hope you can tell how much we appreciated it. (I think you'll be able to tell the difference between the ``before`` pictures and the ``after`` ones with barely anything left!

Cindy M. Schenectady, NY

It has been such a pleasure seeing what you do, how you help the community and how you show that you are personally invested in the well being and support of non-profits and helping each other. We are very grateful for your time and energy.

Sally M. Clifton Park, NY

Mom received your package on 12/24 and everyone enjoyed your delicious muffins. Thanks so much for sending them.

Paige S. Chicago, IL

You are such amazing people. Keep up the good work in trying to help others. I’m glad our paths met and I pray you’ll able to help others through your yummy goodies.

Alison D. Pasadena, CA

What a way to start the my New Year’s resolution by eating healthier with a scrumptious muffin trust me, they taste like they’re bad for you, but that are healthy!

Making People Happy



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Coming Soon


We all have those moments in our lives when we feel as if everything needs to be exactly right.

Our bakers are the best bakers in New York State and strive to make the best products in the world.  Our goal of wanting to ship the best muffins and cupcakes to every household in the United States to help raise money for local charities, has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon.

It’s the classical Buy One, Give One, with a sweet twist.  It proves that hard work and effort to help others does pay off.  What can we bake for you today-to help others in need?

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Cupcakes and Things LLC, West Leyden, NY, United States

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Classy Bakes, Patchogue, NY, United States

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The Muffin Man Gives, Schenectady, NY, United States

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Meet the creative bakers that never sleep. We’re always up and available and we would love to hear from you. It’s always time to make the donuts and muffins.

ABOUT US has a little bit of a different story. This isn't just about a business that does well a steady profit, but one that sets out turn the hearts of many through love.  Because we donate a muffin with every purchased item, our muffins are best you’ll ever taste.

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